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Vimeo Is Here! Get More Creative With Videos From Passioned Filmmakers

Here’s a little help for you to understand why we didn’t stop at YouTube   We all know that happiness when made up in a studio isn’t real. More, you can get the opposite of what you’ve expected and its plasticity can disengage the audience who just watched your last commercial. We’re not saying the…

Here’s a little help for you to understand why we didn’t stop at YouTube


We all know that happiness when made up in a studio isn’t real. More, you can get the opposite of what you’ve expected and its plasticity can disengage the audience who just watched your last commercial. We’re not saying the professional work you’ve done there isn’t stunning, but it lacks the spontaneity and sincerity of the real moment, that hard-to-catch feeling or expression that not even 1000 rehearsal sessions can’t give to you. What if you try instead working with real life captures, powerful smiles, intense emotions captured right at the moment of an event powering the feelings you need the most? We have them all or even if they’re not available in the search box, we can put our lobster’s claws to work and collect the best on your request. And from now on there’s no reason to worry about the quality of UGC videos we collect on our marketplace because we’ve just introduced Vimeo!


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 Go beyond and explore the Vimeo search option



Henceforth, you can look after more artistic, creative and even professional video content to express your line in your next video campaign. As you probably know already, you can find videos from Instagram, Facebook, VK and Youtube.  

They stand out as the most accessed platforms dedicated to user-generated video streaming and the most popular video platforms allowing video upload and public share, but let’s have a quick look at YouTube’s and Vimeo’s characteristic. YouTube it’s the ‘Google’ of video, the mecca of UGC uploads and it has a huge number of users; more than one billion active accounts who contribute to a relentlessly growing database of video clips uploaded from across the globe, random footages and more professional works. While YouTube is the big ‘party’ pool of quantity when speaking about UGC videos, Vimeo would feel a little bit less popular, but it’s only an illusion of quantity versus quality. Vimeo passes as the pool of creative spirits constantly sharing their own production in the middle of the community; a community based on the users’ passions of filmmaking and devouring quality footages, consolidated by the constructive feedback and a general spirit of improving and aiming to deliver the best of digital films. Lobster is here to support creatives and we’re really happy to open a new path in the search for user-generated videos, a path to high-definition films produced by skilled and passioned people out there.


[vimeo 73485224 w=640 h=480]

Dresden and Landscapes 2013 (Time Lapse Movie) from Martin Deja on Vimeo.


 Why and How To Use User Generated Videos

Authentic and captivating, natural and viral, shareable and likeable, and above all – engaging. I guess you are looking at least for three of these qualities when sketching your next video to support your message. UGC, when used wisely, can check all of the above plus a little more human air added to your brand’s persona. And always remember you’ll always trust a friend before a commercial. Or at least another human who’s been there before, because people trust people since, let’s say, forever.


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Suppose you have to create an accurate ad for online and the plot is something like here’s Joe. Joe is back from the trip of his life (helped by the X Travel Agency). Part of the afterglow, he meets his friend, tell him stories and remember he should show to his friend what crazy footage he has from the holiday on Island X. You won’t show a professional footage on an Android’s phone screen, will you? Hopefully not. But you will need a little blurry, a little clumsy video from a real life situation. Are you going to travel to Taiwan to record a 30 seconds video just to have it in your ad or will you take all the headaches to do it in a studio? Are you really going to do that? I knew it. That’s why it’s good to always have a look at our search engine and get inspired by our constantly growing catalogue. And if there’s something specific you’d like to have, just let us know and we’ll try to get that one for you. We do everything we can to ease the process of finding and purchasing in a totally legal manner the user-generated visuals across a wide  range of social media platforms as we seeks the approval of the original maker. Choose from real people and independent artists or creative heads around Vimeo.


Thing you can do:

  • Illustrate the Travel campaigns with us. Choose from locals’ videos and cut the cost of travel. A good sunset on the beach looks good anyway;
  • Activities around the globe with real life experience footage (games, pets, singing, dancing, cooking and so on);
  • Collages with creepy or funny videos;


P.S: Remember, the Moon and the Sun won’t do their moves twice. You’ll never have the eclipse of the blood moon moment again to shoot it by yourself, and Lobster will help you get it.





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