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People In Industry: Vee Ladwa

This week we spoke with the multi-talented Vee Ladwa, a Freelance Digital Designer and Illustrator based in London that has worked on the design of a variety brands over the past few years.  Some of the most well know brands he has worked with include Topshop, Game, and Watford TV (online TV station). Today Vee…

This week we spoke with the multi-talented Vee Ladwa, a Freelance Digital Designer and Illustrator based in London that has worked on the design of a variety brands over the past few years.  Some of the most well know brands he has worked with include Topshop, Game, and Watford TV (online TV station). Today Vee shares his professional views and insights about his work, career and the industry.


Hi Vee, thanks for meeting with us today for this interview. To get started, in a few words, tell us a bit about yourself.

VL: Hi Danaye, Thanks for the interview opportunity. I am a Freelance Digital Designer and Illustrator from London and love working across different mediums and multimedia to amalgamate all my passions across art and design. I’m a fiend for comics with a big love for pop culture, graffiti, pop art, comics, films, photography and just good/practical design everywhere from road signs to things found in nature. Definitely a visual person!


What does your average day look like?

VL: I like to get up early, pick at my emails and wonder around the social network universes while I get my morning coffee, then it’s straight work either within the home office or out with clients, depending on the jobs for that particular day. Most of my time can be spent sat in front of my beloved Wacom Cintiq drawing away or finishing up on projects so I try to get enough of a balance outside and in the wild as much as possible! I try to stick to a 9am-6pm kind of day but as I’m sure many freelancers know, this can be quite difficult to stick to.


What made you decide to work in the design industry and why?

VL: I’ve always had a love for drawing and art and I felt growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, with the rise of computer games, comics, print and digital mediums, fuelled my hunger to want to be a part of this industry and to help others bring their ideas to life also. I felt it was a natural progression to move into the digital side of things but remain true to good design and aesthetics.


You provide a variety of different services, Illustration, Digital Art, Graphic and Web Design as well as UI Design. What made you decide to offer these services and why?

VL: By the time I had started freelancing I had worked, studied and gained experience within these areas already and this was the aim from the beginning. I love being involved in so many stages of design, from the initial concepts and sketches to the final stages and so I wanted to offer all of these services as it keeps me alive and sane, instead of just working on websites and logos.


Do you collaborate on projects? If so what are some of your philosophies on collaborations?

VL: I do collaborate on projects and enjoy this very much. It’s nice when you have somebody that not only wants to work with you but see’s potential in the project as a whole and progressing collectively. Recently, I’ve collaborated on a project with a NYC based Recipe Developer, Writer and Illustrator, the incredibly talented Soni Sathpathy-Singh for her humorous website We both have skills that allow us to concentrate on the things we are good at to bind the final package all together. So my philosophies on collaborations would be to work with people that offer a different eye and vision or skill set to whatever you are trying to create, be open, honest and damn well have some fun in-between!





What was your most memorable experience working in design, and why?

VL: One of the most memorable experiences was for one of my first jobs as a freelancer for Marco V, a Dutch DJ and Producer, for his albums Propaganda Part 1 and Propaganda Part 2, for which I had to draw a 2 part comic as well as promotional material for international magazines (DJMag and MixMag). Getting a box of the CD’s was surreal! Marco’s team at BeYourselfMusic done a really good job of the packaging and design and seeing the package in shops and online was a real positive kick starter to where I am today.


How do you aim to differentiate from the rest of the industry?

VL: I think it’s important to research and to pay attention to designs and formulate ideas that could work for many years rather than quick, template designs. I’m passionate about the services I provide and allowing the work I create for clients to be as individualistic and bespoke as monetarily possible! I try not provide a service promising dreams, but I can bring some to life….visually!


How important do you feel photos are to your work and what are your philosophies on using photos in your work?

VL: Photos are an important part of my design work, sometimes it’s all you need to capture some vital messages across. Over use, a mix and match of images, colours etc can be a big fail so it’s always good to take a step back and view the images like a collection. Choosing the right photos, whether it’s stock or personal ones can make all the difference when showcasing designs and for mock up purposes, which win you jobs too, so very important indeed!


What’s your opinion on social media photography and do you use social media photography in any of your work?

VL: I have used social media photography services in the past and again feel it is very important to provide a lift for concepts or projects, and it’s always good to not have the same ‘top rated’ images that constantly pop up in other people’s designs.


A massive thanks to Vee for his time!

Follow him on Twitter at: @VeeLadwa

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