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People In Industry: Marc Guberti

This week we spoke with Marc Guberti, A freelance author and digital marketing expert to learn more about his entrepreneurial journey.   Hi Marc! Thanks for meeting us! Please tell us all about your work? MG: My pleasure Danaye. The purpose of my work is to empower others. I am a digital marketing expert who…

This week we spoke with Marc Guberti, A freelance author and digital marketing expert to learn more about his entrepreneurial journey.


Hi Marc! Thanks for meeting us! Please tell us all about your work?

MG: My pleasure Danaye. The purpose of my work is to empower others. I am a digital marketing expert who has published more than a dozen books and has created several training courses all about my niche. I currently have over 270,000 followers spread across my social networks (my best social network is Twitter) and aspire to get my 1 millionth social media follower before receiving my high school diploma (I’m going into my senior year, so it’s time to hustle).


It sounds like you have a busy schedule, What does your average day look like?

MG: My average day varies depending on if I am in school, have a track meet, or am free for the day. When I go to school, I usually get home at 6 pm because of cross country or track practice depending on the season (cross country is only in the fall). Then I do my homework. During my junior year, the homework took 1-2 hours every day. I’m hoping the workload for senior year is easier. Any time left is spent doing videos and engaging with my audience. I write my content for books and blog posts during my free periods. When I have a track meet, my schedule is dependent on the track meet. Sometimes I get home in the middle of the afternoon. At other times, I get home in the evening. I love running so the schedule doesn’t bother me. When I am free during the weekend, I will spend almost all of my time doing videos and writing content. Any extra time goes to my piano. I gave it up a decade ago and am now back on it. I’ve given up video games just so I have more time to play the piano.


Do you ever collaborate with others to write your ebooks? 

MG: I currently only collaborate with proofreaders. I believe a second set of eyes enhances the value of a book.


Do you believe it’s better to work within a company or to go freelance on your own in the marketing industry?

MG: I think it’s better to work for yourself. In the beginning, you won’t make much income, but as you continue putting in the time and learning new techniques, the income will come. The best part is that you can work anywhere and spend more time with your family. I don’t have bills to pay so it was possible for me to work on my business for years without making any money. However, I know there are some people who need the money now. Working for yourself is better in the long run, but it’s better to hear from someone who has some overhead other than business expenses.


How important do you believe images are to a blog post?

MG: The human brain registers an image 60,000 times faster than plain text. That’s why infographics are booming right now. Images give your readers a good idea of what your blog post is about. What most people forget to do is add a caption at the bottom of the image. It turns out when we see an image, our eyes naturally scroll down. Readers who look at the image will inevitably see the caption. You can use a caption to further establish what the blog post will be about.




What made you decide to start blogging and how old were you when you started?

MG: I was 11 years old when I created my first blog which was about the Red Sox. On one summer day, I ran out of things to do. Then I turned to blogging. For one year, I considered it as a hobby. When I figured out I could make money, I took it seriously. I created a blog about Yugioh Cards and struggled to get more visibility from social media. This resulted in me reading books and blog posts about social media during my free time. I even took a few training courses. After a year, I decided to focus my efforts on my digital marketing blog ( I continue writing blog posts on that blog to this day.


Did you always want to work in marketing? If not, what did you want to do?

MG: When I was six years old, I enjoyed music. I played the piano every day and performed in front of about 100 people.  Then video games found their way into my house and that dream vanished. I was too young to understand music was my top passion. That’s part of the reason I started playing the piano again and gave up on video games. I owed it to myself, and I believe there’s some hope left for that dream. When video games replaced the piano, I lived every day having no idea what I would be—but I knew I wanted to be successful doing what I loved to do. I developed a passion for digital marketing just before I created my main blog.


What tools do you use to find images? Do you use photo stock or try to use unique images? If so, What tools do you use to find images?

MG: I used to create my images with Canva and KeyNote (I only used KeyNote for infographics). Now I outsource the image creation to my virtual assistants.


Any words of wisdom to anyone who wants to break into the industry?

MG: Start now and believe in your ability to thrive.


What kind of advice would you give to bloggers, who want to get engaged and noticed by large brands or media? 

MG: Grow your audience first. While it’s nice to get noticed by the large brand, wouldn’t it be cooler if you owned your own large brand? When you grow your audience and build your social proof, you can contact the large brands and media. Having a large audience and leveraging your social proof will encourage a person to reply to your email.


A big thanks to Marc for his time!

Follow him on Twitter at: @MarcGuberti

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