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Our takeaways from the London DMWF Global Conference

We attended the DMWF Global Conference on the 23rd of May which hosted some of the most successful companies in the tech and marketing world. We sat through panels who had representatives from the likes of Culture Trip, Brandwatch, Sprinklr, and Nucco Brain, all of whom gave great advice on what it takes to make…

We attended the DMWF Global Conference on the 23rd of May which hosted some of the most successful companies in the tech and marketing world. We sat through panels who had representatives from the likes of Culture Trip, Brandwatch, Sprinklr, and Nucco Brain, all of whom gave great advice on what it takes to make your brand more credible, authentic and successful.

We learnt A LOT from these talks, especially from those who we found to really resonate with our business values here at Lobster. So as part of the reflective process, we thought why not share the main insights that we took from the day below.


  • Authenticity! Authenticity! Authenticity!

This was a recurring theme of the conference and for a good reason, with many companies such as Culture Trip and Sprinklr championing the importance of creating authentic content that isn’t staged or surface deep. With audiences and customers only becoming savvier, you either produce authentic content or you don’t. This impacts the connection that your content and brand can make with audiences, eventually lending credibility to the brand.

At Lobster, all of the content that we encourage is authentic, and our licensing element makes sure of this. Not only do we attract and promote genuine photographers and genuine places, but our whole business model is centred around personal and legitimate UGC… it doesn’t get more authentic than that!



  •  Analytics are your friends.

Know your analytics, and if you don’t, get to know them! That’s the only way to see genuine results. We really appreciated the advice from Builtvisible who said you shouldn’t be afraid of bumping the heads together off the analytics and the creative sides of your workforce, as this collaboration is vital in ensuring forward moving and successful campaigns.

As Lobster is such a small knit team, collaboration is part of the everyday process. However, analytical engagement is definitely something that we need to focus on; trying and testing different campaigns and evaluating what’s the right route for us to take as we grow.

  • Be careful when selecting your ‘Influencers’

They can be great if your business will thrive with their help, but if you’re going to go down this route you need to make sure that they are vetted and hold the same values as your company. They should be treated just as you would treat any one of your employees, fit for the job and evaluated to be a genuine addition to the team.


We don’t currently work with any influencers, but it is definitely a route that we could be open to taking as we expand our community outreach and build the attraction and perks of signing up to Lobster.


  • Putting the person into the brand

People don’t want to feel like they are talking to just a brand anymore, they want to feel like they are interacting with real people behind a brand, and Sprinklr really seemed to have grasped this. They told us that getting the human element across on your social media’s and customer service channels, by interacting with your customer’s or potential clients post’s, is a great way to do this.

As it so happens, Lobster has just added 3 new members to the team, so keep your eyes peeled for an update about who has joined the group and the roles they play.



  • Your audience has the real power, so it’s time to start listening!

We no longer live in the time of telling the consumer what they need and why we are the best at providing it. Sprinklr’s keynote talk really engaged us when they highlighted how your customer has the power now more than ever, and with so much competition, you need to give them the tools to come to the conclusion that your business is the best match for them – it’s no good just telling them that it is. Sage also made a great point of knowing your audience truly, and by doing so you can resonate with them on an emotional or personal level in order to let them find out for themselves just exactly what you can do for them. You have to be invited in, it’s no longer an option to bombard a customer with your service or product.

Here at Lobster, this is definitely something we need to work on. With such a diverse audience from around the globe, we would like to think that photography and videography is the thing that unites them. However we recognise that this isn’t enough, we need to work on asking more questions and genuinely listening to the answers.

  • Video is here and we should be utilising it!

Video is the newest and most effective way to digest information, and with the world’s attention span only getting shorter, video plays a crucial part in capturing audiences attention and making a connection or conveying an emotion. We noted that Nucco Brain made a point of highlighting that especially within these 10-second Snapchat or Instagram videos, conveying a story is no longer the goal. Instead, emotions – or what we’d like to think of as ‘elongated emoji’s’  – are what audiences are responding to and engaging with.

We recognise this at Lobster, which is why we are now actively encouraging video content to our marketplace, so if you have anything or know anyone who has video content, check out Lobster to link it up!


Overall, we took some invaluable advice from the speakers at the DMWF Conference, and it was a great day talking to and learning from so many successful businesses. As Lobster grows and establishes itself, the lessons we learnt will definitely be a prominent part of our journey as we continue to find and market fresh, authentic and diverse UGC.  

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